We had two snow storms last week. So far this week, it’s been snowing 48 hours! Major roads, including I-25, which connects our town to Cheyenne and Casper, have been closed for nearly that long.We cannot go anywhere: no 70-mile drive to a Home Depot, Walmart, Michaels, or Red Lobster. We are a tough bunch here, able to ride out such a tragedy for days on end.

snow day 5

Normally in April I am out in my garden, planting potatoes, onions, and cabbage. No one is complaining. though. After a horrific drought last year, a repeat year will be serious for our dry land wheat farmers and the ranchers who need rain-fed pastures. The drought conditions also contributed to our forest fire issues.

So, no one is complaining. Having a snow day to hang out and do something fun helps to keep spirits up.

My version of “essential supplies” for a big snowstorm. 

I have all the emergency supplies I could ever want, for camping (candles, hand warmers, solar charger, flashlight, Sudoku magazines, firewood, bottled water). No problem there. The real issue in advance of a large snow storm is FOOD. Who cares about heat? If you have the proper food, nothing else matters.

I always have veggies in my freezer and pickles on the shelf, so I am good for that food group. Here is what I bought up Monday morning as I prepared for snow.

  • 1 deli chicken, precooked at our little market (snow storm essential)
  • 8 Chobani yogurts
  • 4 bananas
  • Raspberry Jam
  • I loaf oat/nut bread
  • Eggbeaters
  • 1 package frozen sweet potato fries (special treat)
  • 1 large box oatmeal
  • Box,  “cut” spaghetti
  • Beggin Strips for Tango

And here is how I put it all together: banana/jam sandwiches for breakfast; chicken sandwiches and yogurt for lunch; oatmeal and yogurt for dinner. The first night I had chicken and sweet potato fries. YUMMMM. I also gag down a few frozen veggies from last year’s garden.

Today I am going to live large and have an omelete for lunch and a pasta dish using some of my homemade tomato sauce and cut spaghetti (the eighth wonder of the world) for dinner. 


Plenty of Chicken Left


Tango and His Treats

Why I like living in a small town during heavy snow:

1. I asked on Facebook if anyone knew the snowfall totals, the reply: “knee deep and up to my dogs hiney”

2. People are thankful for what Mother Nature throws our way

3. People will check in on their elderly neighbors.

4.  Kids will play outdoors in the snow

5. Everyone knows the Mayor, Police Chief, Sheriff and Fire Department Volunteers by first name.  Have a problem? Text em!

snow day 2

How I stay busy on snow day

I know some of you younger folks would have a more interesting list. Here is what you can look forward too if you are ever single and “older” on snow day:

1.Watching for cold weather Zombies who might be out and about

2. Blogging about absolutely nothing

3. Sit-ups and other indoor exercises (ha- ha, don’t believe that one)

4. Snuggling with Kindle and alternating between Sudoku, 4-in-1, Word Search, and Word Match

5. Watching the Weather Channel in the background all day, on mute

6. Tuning in to local radio to hear all the news about closures and such

7. Sewing! Been working on a owl purse, after my Rubber Chicken fun.

8. Checking on neighbors

9. Shoveling pathway between back door and back yard so Tango can “do his business”

10. Trying to teach Tango to “rollover” so he can earn his Beggin Strips (lost cause)

11. Blogging even more about absolutely nothing


As you can see, Snow Day is a special time. So…yawn…time for a nap. Happy Snow Day everyone.

snow day

Snow Day! Owwwwwwywhoooooooooooooo

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