Well, I got cabin fever right around lunch time and decided to bundle up and take a walk around the area. I live 1.5 blocks from downtown, and if there is anything to see, that would be the hot spot.

I bundled up in many layers. Last but not least I put on my gaiters, since the snow is knee-high in some areas. As a precaution, I took along my zombie poking pole (disguised as a hiking pole).

Jane 2

Me, Doing My Favorite Hollywood Pose

 It was perfectly pleasant out there. I decided to photograph any people I could find, and I found three of our nicest guys out and about clearing snow.


Blayne, friend and loyal Platte County employee


Valenti, another loyal Platte County employee


Mike, of Mike’s Sprinklers (always works miracles with our lawn sprinklers)

Lucky for me, Two for the Road (local cafe) was open so I had huevos rancheros for lunch. The cooks/owners try to use less salt and stuff, and their food is excellent!

huevos rancherosLunch!

I didn’t see any zombies while walking around (Mike scared me for a moment), but upon my return I found their tracks leading up to my front door and then retreating around the side. Close call!


Zombie Tracks Leading to My Front Door

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