The first part of the week was not great. We had two snow storms and I don’t like to walk or bike on snow/ice. I did a bit of indoor exercise but nothing much. I did not get even close to 10,000 steps/day on the pedometer.

However, the week ended on a great note! A friend who read my blog about Week One training contacted me. She has run for a long time. She offered to share her knowledge and experience. We met up Saturday morning and walked 10,000 steps on one outing (about 5 miles). I was ecstatic. We went at a comfortable pace for me, and I got lots of great tips. Working with someone is so great..I feel so blessed. We both had our dogs which was great.

So, on to week three, which will be similar to week two. We have a winter storm warning for the next 48 hours, starting tonight. We are supposed to get a boat load of snow, but we have been teased by this promise for so long, it’s hard to believe. Even though my 5K training has slowed, we love having the moisture, so no one is complaining.

5 k again

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