I am single, and I live alone with my fierce dog, Tango.  See how well he protects my side on the sofa?


We are together most of the time since I work in my home office or the church office next door. At night, Tango curls around my feet like a little cat, until the electric blanket shuts off.  He goes looking for a heater vent after that.

Tango is a great kid substitute; I even call him all the pet names (boo, boo-boo, punkie, petey, stinker, pooty head and so on) that I called my son while he was growing up. This really takes the grandbaby pressure off my only child who is still single. It’s a good deal for everyone that I have my pooty head Tango.

However, we have another member of our household. It’s been somewhat secret because it is more of an addiction than relationship. It is time, though, to let the world know. I love my Kindle. We cuddle up every night and Kindle brings into my bed the whole world of classic literature, great music, audio books, web-browsing, magazines, newspapers, Sudoku, and numerous useless apps. Still, it is not crowded. When we are together the rest of the world fades and it is just the two of us.

Kindle and I usually start our evening with a little Sudoku. Gradually we move on to some light reading (e.g., Organic Gardening Magazine). From there we read one chapter in the “Best Of” books (essays, short stories). Then, we settle into some serious reading, like War and Peace (see reading list here). Sometimes I am in the mood for the effortless enjoyment of an audio book.  Finally,  I plug the headphones into  Kindle and drift off listening to a sleep meditation. It is pure joy

Kindle and I often meet up during the day, especially when I am doing biblical studies. That clever Kindle holds a small library of theological texts and several Bible translations. Often I work at home, but at times we meet up at the church for our studies. And, of course, we always go camping together. During the deepest, darkest nights when I am certain that a mountain lion is circling the van and eating leftover dog food, I can calmly play Sudoku and check out the weather forecast.

How did I live without Kindle Fire? Sigh.


4 thoughts on “New BFF

  1. I saw your ‘site’ when RV-Sue mentioned it, and now I’ve noticed that you are into cooking/gardening, and healthy foods, which if of a somewhat ‘new’ interest, but intense , because I really want to have few medical problems, so I can RV more often! I haven’t (yet) met Sue, but I’ve traveled in those places, and I love the different perspectives! . I’m a 66 year old, single, (divorced 25+ years) and live in northeast Texas, between Dallas and Texarkana. My laptop is my bed partner, and I rescue animals, which include 2 little chihuahuas and a Chesapeake Bay retriever, who have beds in my sun-room, and when I can afford it, I catch one of the wild female cats and get them spayed, then let them run loose again, but they depend on me to put out food twice a day!!
    I look forward to looking through your ‘food’ section, and your organic gardening sections, because I planted my tomato plants yesterday!! 🙂 I have ‘sprouts’, and I’m enjoying them! I’m researching ways to keep bugs off of my brussel sprouts this year!
    Best Wishes,

    • Howdy Becky, thanks for commenting. I follow RV Sue, too, I find her travels fascinating….my stomping grounds too. I want to RV, not quite old enough to retire, though. I camp often. Lucky you to have tomatoes in. We have had a very large, late snowstorm so I don’t have anything in yet.

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