Unlike my spoiled desert rat friends, I enjoy living in a 4-season climate (SE Wyoming). I especially enjoy the transition to the new season: when daffodils spring up, when the nights are getting balmy towards summer , when the trees subtly change color in early fall, and finally, when the wicked winter winds whip up. Well, not really so happy about those winds.

Anyway, along with my fellow dwellers in the Temperate Zone of the Northern Hemisphere, I have been teased by some warm days, early flowers, seed catalogs, and spring fashion opportunities.
spring dress

Perfect ministerial garb for Spring 2013

These possibilities so utterly convinced me Spring was here (March 21 passed weeks ago,) that I put away my winter coats. I washed em all up, shook them out and hung them up in the back of a closet. I cleaned up my snow boots and stuffed them away too. I moved my box of gloves and hats to a lower shelf. 

So, of course it snowed. We had hard, driving snow lasting 24 hours. The wicked winds whirled. Tango and I stayed holed up indoors, forgoing the 5K training. We need the moisture, so I am not complaining. However, I must get out today for appointments and such. I will have to dig for a coat and boots. Maybe I can count that towards my indoor exercise???”

There must be a name for this “put away seasonal clothes early” syndrome (PASCE?). It is the real deal, and I have been infected before. A few years ago I put away all my summer clothes after the trees started changing, only to suffer through 95 degree days in fall flannels.

Of course all of this seasonal change matters less and less as my own thermal system continues to go haywire. Talk about global warming! It’s not uncommon for me to wear a thin top to church in the middle of the winter and turn the fan to directly face me,which of course blows my sermon notes all over. I get more than one odd look from someone in the crowd who is bundled up, yet still shivering.

So maybe I should just leave all my duds out all year.  Better yet, maybe I should get rid of most of it first since I only wear a few things consistently. If I want a t-shirt in the winter or a wool sweater in the summer, so be it!I am a woman of a certain age.

What is really important is that I may have stumbled upon a way to end our drought. If PASCE syndrome led to snow a few days ago, it follows that we should all put away our rain gear. That’s right, lets all meet in the Pocket Park downtown. We can throw our rain coats, windbreakers, muck boots, umbrellas, galoshes, and rain ponchos onto a roaring fire. We can then loot the local stores for all their rain gear and burn that too. After, we will be defenseless against the rain. So, of course if will RAIN…RAIN…RAIN. What do you say? Let’s get a planning committee going! Next full moon be there or be square.

snowy birds

4 thoughts on “Of Course it Snowed!

  1. Hey, your desert rat friends are enjoying a beautiful spring with many wild flowers! One drawback – the huge, wet, fat bugs hitting me in the face on my motorcycle!

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