This device is often used as a power source by boaters. Others keep one for jump starting a vehicle. No matter what, it’s an amazing little device if you need power and an air compressor, and an ultra bright light to scare away the noctural critters. Here are the features of my battery box.

  • 9 V plug ins
  • regular plug ins (drains the batter faster)
  • compressor
  • battery charger cables
  • powerful light
  • inflating hose for air mattress, swimming tubes, ect
  • easy to charge

My jump box model is no longer made. You can see an up-to-the-minute version by clicking Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor and LED Utility Light“>here.

The most important thing about this jump-box is to always keep it charged or it will get damaged. If it gets low it let’s you know with an annoying buzzing.

I recommend a battery box for those of us who camp “powerless”. I have used it to charge up my computer and other devices.I have inflated water toys and an air mattress. The bright light really helps if you need to do some repair at night. The light is also good to shine out into the darkness to make sure that odd noise was not a mountain lion (still not sure).

However, I am just now getting into the world of solar chargers. My longer term goal is to mount solar panels on my van. Right now, I am trying out mini-chargers that will recharge all my devices (phone, Kindle, etc etc etc)

You can read the review of my first solar charger here.

jump yes

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