At night I sleep on top of an electric blanket. I put it under the fitted sheet and let it simmer all night long! I wonder: how did I get through so many Wyoming and Colorado winter without this?

One night I got to thinking, “can I find a 12 V electric blanket for the van (I don’t have electricity, other than a battery box).”

Well, of course such a thing exists, and I got to try mine out recently. I put it under the fitted sheet. When I crawled into bed I set it for 30 minute automatic shut off. Very nice and cozy, and the mountain of blankets kept the warmth in for a long time while I read. When I was ready to fall asleep, I turned the blanket on again for 30 mins. I woke up cold during the night and turned a third time.My battery box (see review here) still had some power the next morning, but when I got home I charged it up again. When that thing gets low it emits an annoying buzz until you plug it in again.

This blanket is  lap size. If you were driving, you could plug it into the cigarette lighter and let it run more often. If you tend to be warm but travel with someone who gets cold, this is great for them to use. A certain spoiled dog sure enjoys it to (covered with a sheet).

If you want to buy your own, you can zip right over to Amazon by clicking “MAXSA Innovations 20014 Comfy Cruise 12V Heated Travel Blanket, Plaid“>here.


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