The last time I went van camping, I settled into the van after dinner to read my Kindle. However, I had forgotten to charge the Kindle before I left home. It was not a disaster because I had with me a brand new solar charger.  It’s a little device the size of a smart phone and also has a bright LED flashlight. The little device charges half-way via solar power and fully charges through USB hook-up to computer.

I was able to charge up the Kindle to 50%, which made me very happy. The next morning, I put the solar charger on my dashboard and it powered up to the half-way mark FAST. I have not tried the device for charging my phone yet but highly recommend it for Kindle back-up power!

You can order from Amazon by clicking on the photo below!


Note:  I may receive a very small referral fee for items you purchase through my blog. It’s not much but will offset costs of this site!

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