Round Trip Mileage   190


  •    Wheatland, WY, south on I 25 to Cheyenne, WY
  •    West on Happy Jack Road (southern end of Cheyenne)
  •    Follow Happy Jack Road to turn-off the Crystal Res OR
  •    Stay on Happy Jack Road until you reach turn off and Main Entrance to Curt Gowdy State Park. You can drive to Crystal Res from there.

Click here for more information about this State Park

Every year I take a few days to camp and rest right after Easter. Every year I get snowed on. With Easter so early this year why did I think it would be any different? The weatherman said so, that’s why.

So, with unrealistic  hope for nice weather, I headed out to one the sweetest camping places in my area: Curt Gowdy State Park (near Cheyenne, WY). I go to the smaller of the two reservoirs (Crystal), which is always empty at this time of year. I pulled the van into my favorite spot and Tango I started walking around. It’s a great place to walk during off season.

When I settled into bed that evening to read my Kindle, I realized that I forgot to charge it! No problem, I had my brand new solar charger (more information here), which charged my Kindle half way. Nice!

In the morning the low was 32 degrees. That was not so bad; it was the snow flurries that dampened my spirit. I built a campfire quickly and pulled out my little stove to make coffee. As I maneuvered through those tasks with one hand un-gloved and freezing, I decided it is time to get a travel trailer. I can withstand quite a bit, but making coffee with cold hands in the snow is not one of them. So I moved into a nice little doggie-friendly hotel room and started looking around for a nice trailer I can pull with my van (which I now sleep in).

I have to admit that upgrading has always been the plan. Van camping has been a blast but I am ready for a little home on wheels. Perhaps after retirement, I will buy a bigger home on wheels. In the meantime I can learn to navigate with a small trailer.

Any suggestions???? Thoughts???

curt gowdy state park 4 13

3 thoughts on “Camping Trip #2 Curt Gowdy State Park

  1. Yikes! Camping in the snow, no way!
    Good luck with the trailer search. Is your van set up for towing? Lots of details to look into…

  2. I don’t mind the snow…just.hate trying to make coffee in it! I have warm gear ( to minus 15 degrees). And….NO I don’t have my van set up at all. My goal is to start on this little project after I get back from OH in mid-May. I welcome all your knowledge and advice!!!

  3. A sweet little casita I vote! Be perfect for solo but room for a guest! Like being in a cockpit…just lv the coziness.

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