A few weeks ago Daylight Savings time began. Today is the first day of Spring. For me, this is life at its best.

My son will come up from Denver for Spring Break. Daffodils, iris, and hollyhocks are pushing through the soil, into the light. Easter celebration is just ahead. And,  I relive the excitement of planting, tending and reaping in my garden. I begin to draw maps.  I am acquiring seeds. I am planning camping trips.

Soon, on a sunny day,  I will clean out the garage and organize gardening things. I will turn over the compost piles and see if my red wigglers made it through the winter. I will survey the flower and vegetable areas to see what is going on out there without my help!

And I will be blogging about gardening once again.

The first order of business, however, is WEEDING. Already my garden is sprouting weeds. It makes me wonder once again, if weeds grow so well, how come we don’t eat them instead of nurturing tender plants through the season. Still, I love my veggies, so I can probably manage them in one or two sessions of weeding. I can’t wait, actually, to get out in the sun after this current spring storm passes through.

The first things I will plant (by mid-April), are potatoes, onion sets and cabbage seed. In late April I will plant things like carrots and beets. I won’t do much else until Mid-May because I will be travelling the first two weeks in May. When I return all the warm season stuff goes in (squash, cucumbers, etc).

You may be wondering why I won’t plant potatoes on Good Friday. Good Friday changes every year. Last year it was in mid-April, an early but decent time to plant potatoes. This year Good Friday is March 29, which is waaaay too early.

In deciding when to plant, it is also important to watch those night temperatures. The last few nights have been in the 20s. The precludes ANY thought of putting out seeds or tubers.

Happy Spring and happy gardening season! Pray for rain….I hope we don’t have a repeat of last year, not just for me but for our farmers and ranchers.

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