I love winter and working in front of the fireplace. The only problem is that by now my skin is dried out and flaking. So, I made up my annual batch of my Sugar Scrub. Some people use salt instead of sugar.

Here is the recipe:

    • 2 cups sugar
    • olive oil
    • a few drops of essential oil (I used tangerine this year) OR ground, dried mint

Slowly stir olive oil in sugar..and let the sugar absorb the oil. You should have a dryish mix at this point. Add in a little bit more oil. You will find the texture you like. Add essential oil..a few drops.

Place in plastic containers (no glass in bathroom) and use every few days until dry skin is gone! Then use once a week through the winter. It is really great for hands, feet, and all over. I haven’t tried it on my face but it should work fine.

If you are in Wheatland and want some, I made up a large batch this time and have lots of extra! Let me know or drop by.

I like a texture with a little “excess” oil visible. The sugar will absorb as much as it can so I add a little extra, otherwise it hardens too fast


Tight lid for storage

Caution: the tub gets slippery when using this, be careful and wipe out tub if you need to. I use it while sitting down for a bath, which I think is easier.

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