After some camera cord dramas, I finally just bought a new camera. I LOVE it. So, now I am getting photos of everything while trying to learn all it’s bells and whistles.

I am happy to present a photo showing all my pickling efforts for this year. I know I complained a lot about low yields due to an awful garden season. However, I did get some stuff, as you can see by all the pickled veggies.

I love to look at all the pickle jars so I keep them on open shelves. The following photo shows jars of:

  • dill pickles, spicy dill pickles (w/jalapeno added to jar)
  • bread and butter pickles
  • dilly gherkins
  • squash pickles
  • dilly beans
  • mixed vegetable pickles (assorted combos of beans, cukes, carrots, summer squash
  • spicy mixed pickles (jalapeno)
  • pickled green tomatoes
  • xxxx hot fish peppers
  • red salsa

Can you tell that I love to make and eat pickles?

They also make great gifts.  I am donating some to our Holiday Faire this year, too (Dec 1).

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