Somehow, my garden is producing. The few pickling cucumber plants that made it to maturity are loaded. On Monday I made up 12 pints of garlic dills and 6 pints of pickled mixed veggies (bean, carrots, cukes, squash) . I also froze pac choi, scallop squash,  and green beans. I got tomatoes and carrots from the Farmer’s Market and froze them as well.

Scallop squash may seem like an odd thing to freeze, especially if you have ever frozen zuchhini. The results are rather mushy. However, I have found that scallop squash is firmer and remains so after cooking or freezing. It takes on the texture of a potato.

The fall/winter garden is coming up fast, one benefit of the relentless heat.

I will have photos again soon..I never found my camera USB cord, but ordered one today. I suspect that the old one will turn up next year during spring cleaning or when the carpet cleaner moves my sofa.

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