A few weeks ago I harvested and ate fresh new potatoes and peas. All the frustration of this garden season vanished. Those mouthfuls were well worth my efforts.

My output is down at least 50% this year. I didn’t plant as much and what I did just isn’t up to par.

However, I have and/or will continue to have promising harvests of eggplant, small cabbage, kale, summer squash, winter squash, green beans, pickling cukes, regular cukes, onions and garlic.

In fact , the garden is looking much better, overall. Everything in the back yard is green, lush and bountiful. The main garden is perkier than before, especially since I weeded and stepped up watering (no more water bans).

I have been making up for my low harvests through the Farmers’ Market. I freeze carrots, beans, cabbage, and tomatoes from there. So far, so good.
Also, i am getting in my fall/winter garden. This past week I planted carrots, beets, fennel, cabbage, kale, kholrabi, and spinach. In the next few days I will put out radish, more carrots, and beets. I am finding my garden mojo. The weather is still hot, but evenings and mornings are cool.

I have lots of photos to share, but cannot find my camera-to-computer cord. I suspect it will turn up at some point…usually it does.

I found myself wishing that summer would end, then a friend said to me, “Never wish away time.” Good advice.

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