It seems that my garden is finally getting into gear. I was looking into magic wands and considering enlisting garden fairies to get out there and do something, but things are taking a turn for the better.

I noticed that some veggies are really trying to grow. For example, five cabbages actually germinated (in a 30 foot row). A nice row of pickling cukes came up. Late peas are looking good too. My transplanted eggplants have survived, and a few pole beans are looking courageous in this heat.  The summer and winter squashes are improving, and some of my regular cucumbers might survive.

Happy Eggplant w/ Gladiolus in Back

To reward these hardy souls, I gently loosened up the soil around each plant and made a little “well” to trap more water.  I weeded and then fertilized each plant with a liquid Miracle-Gro  solution.

Survivalist Cuke in Little Well (Depression to Catch Water)

I need a miracle! Use of this chemical product is a compromise…a little extra shot of something to get them through the drought. I swear I heard the plants gurgling, gulping then exclaiming “ahhhh” as I doused them with their toddy.

Also, I tied up the peas and cleaned up around them before they got their toddy.

Feeling the love, I decided to transplant out the few last plant that I have been nurturing (first under lights, then outside in their pots).  I put out the last of my peppers/ tomatoes,  and all of my ground cherries, giant gooseberries, and  tomatillos. They got a little well and a Miracle-Gro shot too.

Peas Tied Up, Ground Cherries and Giant Gooseberry Transplants in Row of “Wells

Still feeling optimistic, I replanted some beans among the few that already came up. If they don’t make it…that is it for beans this year as I  am out of seed.

Time for MY cool summer drink….I am thinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade!

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