I am getting a steady supply of lettuce and a few peas from the kitchen garden (hay bale and containers near the kitchen).

Tonight I had a splendid dinner: walnut/lettuce salad, raw peas picked 10 mins before eating, and tomato/green chilie pie (using last year’s roasted-frozen Anaheims and frozen tomato sauce), which is kind of like spoonbread.

The tomato pie is also like the Impossible Pies made from Bisquick. You can still find these  recipes online.

I have updated Impossible Pies to meet my needs by omitting the cheese most of the times. (sometimes I  top my serving with a sprinkle of cheese).

I use 1/2 Bisquick and 1/2 low-carb baking mix (Atkins), which adds some soy-based protein and cuts carbs.

I often omit the milk.  In this case, instead of milk, I used the tomato sauce, which is thin anyway…more like tomato juice.  If the dough is too dry, I add water.

This is kind of a vegan approach, but I don’t eliminate all animal-based ingredients.  The original recipes call for eggs, milk and cheese. I still use the eggs, because they give the great texture…sort of like a bread omelete.

But all three–eggs, milk, and cheese  is too much animal food in one dish. I don’t need that much.  I don’t want that much…..not to mention the cholesterol levels.

Anyway, I make this same dish over and over, using different veggie combinations. Salsa in place of milk is fabulous. Sometimes I use grated zuchinni and make a thinner batter for “pancakes” .  The possible variations of vegetables and seasonings is endless.

This recipe is also great with fruit, and all varieties are wonderful baked in a cast iron skillet. If you want to try, start with a Bisquick Impossible Pie Recipe and experiment with whatever veggies you have at the moment.

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