Memorial Day weekend usually is a time of frenzied garden activity. After all, the frost season is officially over and it is time to get in all the main season stuff.

However, it is so chilly and so very windy, there is no joy in being out there or any reason to plant A THING.

We lived a great irony this spring. When it was time to put in cool season crops, it was so hot and dry that seeds just dried up. If I could have watered them all the time, I might have had some luck. However, with water restrictions we can only water at night.

Now, it is too cold and windy to plant warm season stuff.

The good news? We have approx 114 frost free days left, so I still have lots of time to plant. I have put in beans, tomatillos as late as mid-June. In early July, I will try another round of cool season veggies. All is not lost.

Other good news? My early stuff (kitchen garden in the hay bales near the side door) is doing fabulous…greens, cabbage, peas. I even have a few eggplant in there.

Anyway, Memorial Day is quiet for me this year. I have been reading gardening articles online and eating jalapeno/jack cheese biscuits for breakfast. Soon I will go to the cemetery for a memorial service. Then, I will go to a party, and take kale salad! Yummmmmmmm.

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