Today is warm but overcast. In town the wind WAS light. Rain is in the forecast for the next few days. This is our average last frost date too! That made early today a great day to plant seed and transplants in our town.

Early this morning before work I set out all my peppers and eggplant seedlings. I set out a few winter squashes (only a very few because of the drought).

The eggplants and winter squash went into  new beds in the back yard, instead of the main garden. In the yard, they will get water from the lawn sprinklers…Voila, no extra water used for them.

The peppers (jalapeno, Anaheim, poblano),went into containers, where they also get lawn over-spray.  Trying to do the best I can with our dry conditions.

If you follow moon planting cycles, this is not a good time to plant root crops, which are only planted during a waning moon (after a full moon). It sounds corny, but I find that this generally is a very good guideline. For example, the potatoes that I planted during a waning moon are up and thriving. The ones i planted hurriedly during the waxing moon phase (after the new moon) are no where in sight! Just bare soil there.

I planted the rest of my flower seed as well, into established flower beds.

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