I decided to set out some tomato transplants a few days ago. I was in a hurry to get the tomatoes out of the AeroGrow because they were shading the eggplant and pepper seedlings.

What a disaster. I took the seedlings from the AeroGrow and placed them directly in the soil. I did not harden them off and it was a hot dry day. The result….total wilt. They are still a bit green but I don’t have any hope for them. See sad photo below:

The next day I transplanted some tomatoes that I had previously transplanted into pots and then moved outside to acclimate. They transplanted beautifully:

Live and learn.

I have more transplants that I put into pots first so I will still have tomatoes, if we have any water. The drought here gets more serious each day that passes without rain. I already experienced low germination of my carrots and beets. I watered them daily but with the dry heat….it’s crispy dry out there shortly after I water

I am going to City Hall  to get more information about out water restrictions and to see if they recommend cutting back the garden size. I have already begun assessing which veggies use the most water and may leave some out.

After my visit and some brainstorming, I will post my drought strategy.

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