Before I left for California this morning, I packed up a bunch of frozen garden produce that is still in the freezer. I am camping along the way so can easily cook. In fact, I am so spoiled now from always having quality food that I would rather cook than stop at a restaurant (unless it’s Thai food).

My cooler bag has all of these items from last fall:

  • chopped pac choi
  • green beans
  • soup base with beef broth, greens, cabbage and carrots
  • cooked hubbard squash
On top of all this, away from the ice, I had a baggie  of AeroGro lettuce and some fresh veggies. (gone now). I also packed some bits of cooked/frozen Wyoming Pure Beef for soup tomorrow night.

Tonight I heated up leftover Chicken/red curry (Thai Style), which included a large amount of fresh onions and garlic greens from the garden.

This past Monday I went to Scottsbluff, NE with a friend. We stopped at Menards and I was VERY happy to find seed potatoes and onion sets, which I planted Tuesday.

I placed my tomatoes outside in the hay bale greenhouse…they looked fabulous this morning after getting through a 36-degree night. Hope they make it while I am gone. Watering/timer was working when I left.

I don’t know how much more gardening news I will have…hope to get to a few botanic gardens in CA…will post pictures if I do.

Tomorrow night I will be in Bryce or Zion National Park eating that soup base with Wy Pure Beef!

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