Below is the main garden that I talk about and a bit of the back yard. I also  have flower beds all around the house as well and will post those photos soon.

1. View of main garden, looking north-east
2. New beds are to right of chain link fence, right side of photo
3. Also visible inside the fence is a tripod trellis
4. I park my van near the beds to unload manure and other goodies.

  1. View of garden, looking south-east (my yellow garage and house are to the right)
  2. New beds that I talked about are behind the chain link fence, running across the center of the photo
  3. Photo also shows some beds with hay flakes still on sides, which prevent wind damage
  4.   Each of those chain link sections is 10 feet, the space you see is approximately 70 x 35 feet (2100 sq ft)

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